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 ProcMon: Linux Process Monitor 
 Project Overview 
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  Project Overview

Project Name:ProcMon: Linux Process Monitor
C/C++ (Linux/Unix)C/C++ (Linux/Unix)
Project Status:4 - Stable / Production
Project Description:This program lets you configure a number of programs to monitor and relaunch if they stop running. (in case they crash, someone accidentally turns them off, etc.)

It uses ncurses so you need that installed, the provided build script and makefile should work for most. Just create a subdirectory where ever you run it from called conf and put a config file in for each process you want to monitor (example provided).

Known issue: If you have for example multiple binaries running from different directories with the same name this program will not differentiate between them and it will give a false-positive that the program is up and running.

Also, you will need to edit the launching code (line 312) to make it work outside of XWindows with rxvt and screen. I know that is ugly there, but I don't know a better way to do it, but if anyone knows a better way of running an app that also opens a XTerm window for it let me know.

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