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 drvcopy: Drive/Folder Copying Tool 
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  Project Overview

Project Name:drvcopy: Drive/Folder Copying Tool
Pre-compiled BinariesPre-compiled Binaries
License:Binary Release Only
Project Status:3 - Beta / Pretty Stable
Project Description:This is for those of you who work doing PC repair, or really anything you want.

Do you often have to copy customers' hard drives to a new one, server share, or onto a folder on their new one? This is the utility for you. Just run it, and you can enter a source path (or use the browse for folder dialog to pick one), and the same for a destination and this utility will copy everything in the source folder to the destination recreating the directory structure (including long file names) as it goes. And the best feature of all (and the reason I wrote it in the first place) is it does not error out and stop copying/crash if it can't copy a file like Windows does. (Ever tried to copy a windows directory on a running machine?)

Let me know if this runs on 9x, I haven't tried it on there, but I think it should work.

Also, this program does report back anonymous statistics (the number of files copied, # of directories it copied, # of files that it couldn't copy (files where locked, etc.)). I do not keep personally identifiable information like your IP or anything stored, just those 3 values for overall statistics.

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