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 Direct Port I/O Driver for Windows 2000/XP - x64 Compatible 
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  Project Overview

Project Name:Direct Port I/O Driver for Windows 2000/XP - x64 Compatible
Pre-compiled BinariesPre-compiled Binaries
C/C++ (Win32)C/C++ (Win32)
Project Status:4 - Stable / Production
Project Description:This is a Direct Port I/O Driver like DLPortIO or WinIO, the difference being that this also works with AMD64/x64. As far as I know, this is the first Port I/O driver that is 64-bit compatible. It's API is designed to be very similar to DLPortIO's because the project (a VFD/LCD program) I made this for originally used DLPortIO but since I have Windows XP 64-bit now I needed an alternative driver. (As of 1.1, DriftIO.dll exports the DlPortIO names and can be used as a drop-in replacement for DlPortIO.)

There is no support for Windows 9x, only 2000+. I haven't actually tested the 32-bit builds yet since I don't have any 32-bit Windows boxes, but they should work.

The download includes the driver for all platforms, an installer, the DLL you should link to that interfaces with the driver, the .lib for the DLL, and a C/C++ header file for the library.

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